Paddle Tennis Court Use & Reservations

Court Use Information

  1. Roland Run is a private club and play is restricted to members and their guests. The sign-up form for guests is in the Warming Room.
  2. Courts must be reserved through the online reservation system – see information below.
  3. Use the stairway lights at night (illuminated switch at bottom of steps).
  4. If you wish to use the Warming Room, the key is inside the lockbox (to left of door). The combination is available to members by login to the Members only page, or by login to the reservations website home page.
  5. When finished, please be sure to turn off all lights. If using the Warming Room, it is advisable to lock the Warming Room before turning off the court lights. It will be easier to see!
  6. Be sure all windows are locked and unplug portable heaters before leaving.
  7. The heat in the Warming Room is controlled by two timers located near the bathroom door. The bathroom heater is on an automatic control.
  8. Please place used balls in the container between the courts.
  9. A gas grill and patio heater are available for use. Use of the grill and heater is restricted to the patio area only – never use the grill or heater under the covered arcade. Please be sure to turn these off and close the valve on propane tank. Re-cover the grill.

Snow / Ice & Court Clearing

 If it's dangerous, icy, and/or slippery, don't play!

Please note that clearing off the courts and walkways is done by member volunteers. Should you receive an email requesting help please try to join in. With enough hands the task can be accomplished quickly and we can all get back to playing!

To remove snow, lift the snow boards and use only the brooms and available PLASTIC shovels on the courts. The metal shovel is only for the steps and concrete deck. We also have some Urea fertilizer, a recommended non-salt ice-melt. Please use sparingly and note that some of it will collect on the ball and, we're told, if it comes in contact with an open wound may cause a reaction. Please contact the Director of Racquet Sports or Board Chairs if you have questions.

The shovels, brooms, and Urea melt should be located in corner outside the warming room door. If you use them please return them there. A leaf blower is also available in the Warming Room.

Court Reservations - Instructions & Link

RRC paddle courts must be reserved using an online reservation system, handled by This service will allow you to check on court availability and make reservations from the internet. All court reservations (except intraclub and interclub) will be handled through this system, so please follow the instructions below to begin:

  1. Go to and click on "New Player" below the log-in box to setup a new player account.
  2. Select "Roland Run Club – Paddle" as your Home Facility.
  3. Enter our Facility Code. To obtain the code please email the Reservations Administrator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or login to the Paddle members-only page.
  4. Fill in the remainder of your information, using your full name, and click SUBMIT. (Please do not fill in the telephone login info. We are not using this.)
  5. Login at anytime day or night to reserve courts.

After you have created your login, please specifically read and familiarize yourself with the Reservation Notes on the welcome page.

We have tried to make this easy for everyone, and we appreciate your cooperation. For questions or help with your login or with making reservations, please email the Reservations Administrator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .