Tennis Club Tournaments

The club holds the following tournaments:

Mens Singles (open)
Mens Doubles (open)
Womens Singles (open)
Womens Doubles (open)
Mixed Doubles (open)

Mens Singles (over 45)
Mens Singles (over 55)
Mens Doubles (over 45)

The club runs tournaments throughout the summer. The club championships are open to all ages and offered in 5 areas: Mens and Womens Singles, Mens and Womens Doubles and Mixed. These are formatted into an 8, 16, or 32 player draw (depending on participation) as single elimination. The championship match is scheduled to be played on a specific Sunday and all matches leading up to that date have to be completed by then.

The age banded tournaments have a more flexible format and are usually completed over the course of the entire summer. Currently we have 2 events; Mens Over 45 and over 55 Singles.

Kids’ Ladders and Junior Interclub

There will be a 17 and Under and a 13 and Under Ladder for both boys and girls.  Ladder positions will be based upon where the player finished the year before.  If you are  new to the ladder, please contact an assistant to secure a position.  At the end of the summer,  trophies will be awarded to the boy and girl with the highest point total in each age group.  Points will be kept in the Pro Shop.  Individual points can be earned as follows:

1 Point – Challenge Win      (You can challenge 1, 2, or  3 spots from your position.)

2 Points-Interclub Singles Win

The  team has dominated the league by winning the cup 26 of the last 33 years!  The top 3 on the ladder  in each age group  (13-17) will be asked first to play each week. Club matches are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00.   The league  begins, June 24th.